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I was fascinated to read about bridges when I fast encountered the Danyang-Kunshan-Grand Bridge in the Guinness world record for the longest bridge in the world. Did you know that the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in Shangai China is the world longest bridge? Then I think you should know. The bridge stretches 165km long and 260 feet off the ground and runs parallel to the Yangtze River. The bridge commences in Danyang and end in Kunshan. It’s amazing how Chinese work. What I thought about how […]

World’s largest dog

Big Dogs Dogs come in many different sizes, shapes, and breeds. Some are really small, small enough to fit in your purse while others are as big as a small pony. Size for some of these animals plays a significant role when looking for and animal to protect the home or one to help in the hunting of bigger game. It may be the crucial factor between life and death for these dogs in certain areas. Neapolitan Mastiff, Dogue de Bordeaux, Saint Bernard and Leonburger […]

The World’s Biggest Country If we were to measure the size of a country based on landmass, the following 10 countries would make the list: Country Square Miles Russia 6,592,735 Canada 3,855,081 United States 3,718,691 China 3,705,386 Brazil 3,286,470 Australia 2,967,893 India 1,269,338 Argentina 1,068,296 Kazakhstan 1,049,150 Sudan 967,493 Russia might be bigger in terms of land mass but the important thing to condider with land is hat id being done with that land.   The World’s Biggest Countries The United States of America have […]

World’s largest bird

Birds play very important roles in human life. They keep the system balance: dispersing seeds pollinate plants, recycle nutrients back into the earth. But the most interesting thing is there different colors and sizes. Different researchers have found so many different bird types all around the world from one continent to another. And the most amazing thing is that some birds are found in some countries only, which encourage tourism as most people have wide interest in birds. World’s largest bird The larger birds are […]

INTRODUCTION Anacondas are the largest snakes known to man. They belong to the Boa snake family and live in the tropics of South America, East of Andes, mainly in the Amazon. They are estimated to grow up to stunning lengths of about 5 metres and weigh about 97.5 kilograms when fully grown. The largest Anaconda ever measured was about 28 feet long with a width of 44inches and weighed over 500lbs. Pythons hold the record for the longest snakes (33 feet) but the Anaconda beats […]

Waterfalls are amazing features that are formed when the water running in course of a river or other body falls over a rocky ledge into a pool below. They are also referred to as cascades and have presented the world with beautiful scenery. It is for this reason that people all over the world make long trips to have a glimpse of the beauty that is exhibited by the falls. Here are some of the world’s highest waterfalls that you will love to visit and […]

World’s heaviest man

The following is a list of the top-10 heaviest people on the planet ;(All the weights refer to the documented weights. ) 1. Jon Brower Minnoch was a man who was born in the United States. He was born in 1941 and died in 1983. At the peak of his weight, he was recognized as the heaviest man on the planet. He had a weight of about 1400 lb (640 kilograms). However, this figure was not very accurate because of his poor health and lack of […]

There were three men , a mathematician, a philosopher and an idiot, who dispite of their differences were good friends and lived in the same neighbourhood. One day the three gentlemen agreed to go out for a ride in town in one of the latest model that the philosopher had bought, just to show off to his friends on his silverish car. As they were riding to the town, the car got an accident and crashed in a bridge and before they knew it they […]

Some guys will never show their teeth on any gag. Let’s take a bet; if you won’t show your teeth on this, then you probably have none on your gums. This has been rated the world’s funniest joke. As you can guess, (and your guess must be right compared to mine as you are not on a few glasses of wine) the joke left me sprawled on the carpet nursing a real rib ache after the laughter. To start with, we all like babies. Well […]

Charity Pierce? Does that ring a bell? Absolutely!! The world’s fattest woman in recorded history weighs a whopping 778 pounds at the age of 38. She resides in Texas and is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Tony Sauer. She plans to walk down the aisle, have a cowboy-themed wedding, dance all night and have the best honeymoon ever. She is really serious to have a life with him. That’s actually what she just wants – to have a life! We all know she […]

World’s fattest man

The worst thing you can ever do to a person is call them fat. Have you been called fat or thin? Yes am fat and I know it but just use polite words like plus size, it does not cost a dime. In health, weight and size forums; we are just a product of what we eat, is a phrase that never passes unmentioned. Is this always the case? Well most of the time it is but other factors like genres also have a role […]

world’s ugliest dog

Dogs are just like human beings they come in different sizes and shapes. The less attractive dogs tend to be looked over, and the most beautiful ones are mainly sought after. Golden retrievers, German shepherds and the Labradors are the common breeds owned across the globe. Although there are several types of dogs, those are wonderfully and fearfully made, some others have funny and abnormal physical appearance. In this write-up, we have listed the top 10 world’s ugliest dogaDs breeds .although this kind of dogs […]

When it comes to determining the world’s strongest woman, you will realize that it requires a woman with exceptional strength and energy to perform complex tasks that an ordinary woman may find it as an uphill task. Actually, the world has witnessed quite a number of women who have recorded amazing displays with regard to their strengths. One of the World’s Strongest Woman who has distinctively come out is Aneta Floczyk. This incredibly amazing 33-year old woman from Poland started her career in the field […]

It is undeniable that it is the desire of most men if not all to be physically strong enough to stand out in the midst of others. The yearning to be physically strong is closely intertwined with the desire to be big in terms of size and height. This desire is primal and is evinced not only in human beings but also in other creatures such as apes. It is the same desire that drives male apes of average size to puff up their chests […]

Diamonds are supposedly a woman’s best friend , they also account for great glamour and sparkle to anything that they may be worn with. They also are a source of intrigue as people all around the world are fascinated with these little sparkly things that are sometimes not so little anymore. A symbol of love and undying bond – a diamond is often judged by its clarity, colour, cut and mostly size. Which is why is it interesting to discuss the worlds biggest diamond that […]

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