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World’s dumbest girl

To find the World’s Dumbest Girl, one needn’t look further than right in front of his or her face… at their phone. Yes, dumb girls, are running rampant in cyber space on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and now streaming live on Periscope. There are so many of these girls out there, that it’s impossible to single out one as the World’s Dumbest Girl. It is possible, however, to figure out which girls share this title. If you come across a girl who meets any of […]

Ever been to an apartment on a skyscraper? I bet you have but i don’t think that you have been on the type of flat that am just about to describe. The average apartments in uptown states like New York are usually about 750 square meters and usually range at about $2500 to $3000 per month. Not so bad right? its an affordable one, however, one penthouse in the Odeon tower, Monaco – Rich man’s paradise- has taken the quality and features of apartments to […]

it’s not always about the size. Great white sharks may not be one of the largest animals on earth, but they are deffinetly one of the scariest. And scary somehow beats big. But what are we affraid of exactly?White death, white pointer or simply whites are one of the oldesst and most adaptable creatures on Earth. Acording to some records they can reach the length of 26ft, even though 21ft is the longest white shark officially. Their life span is 70 years, almost himan like. […]

World’s biggest park

City parks is a great place to escape from everyday ruitine, take your dog out for a walk, enjoy the fresh air or have a lovely afternoon with a picnic. Probably every major city has such places. But which ones are the biggest? We are going to order the parks from by their size and educate you about the biggest out there. 5th placeNumber 5 in our list is Losiny Ostrov National park in Moscow, Russia. The total area is 11 621,36 hectares. It is […]

We present you ten tallest monuments in the world. According to them, in the history people were obsessed with deities and politics. Most of the top ten monuments are deities. In the top ten statues are Buddha in various poses. Surprisingly, there are just one Catholic monument, and it isn’t most famous. Everyone probably thinks about Jesus over Rio de Janeiro, but it is not. It is his 28 years younger clone at the entrance to Lisbon. Also surprisingly, in these deities are two Greek. […]

Our Planet is beautiful, and while we would all love to explore each and every corner, sometimes it just isn’t possible. We are content to look at pictures, and globes. If you want to get a good, detailed look at our planet, check out these, the world’s biggest globes: Honorable Mention: Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusets has its own 28 foot diameter globe. It was built in 1955 and was able to rotate and even display the four seasons. It was not kept up well, […]

World’s smallest sea

Our planet’s surface is overwhelmingly made up of water. Here, we will be looking at our world’s smallest seas. To begin, let’s head to a body of water found between Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and Russia. The Sea of Japan is our 5th smallest sea. Interestingly enough, the Sea of Japan is almost wholly enclosed by the land masses surrounding this body of water. Tidal currents are almost non-existent because of this enclosure. It has an approximate surface area of 978,000 square kilometers or […]

World’s first game

From the first video games to games today. Now a days video games, as well as the computer science industry is on a boom as people are always on the prowl for something to revolutionize the gaming industry or to top their previous works. Common game names like the recent Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, and Call of Duty are franchises that are on the top of the gaming industry. But what was the first game to be invented? The first one that caused the gaming “revolution” […]

The legend tells that 1,400 years ago, Pechocha a Zapotec priest that served the god Ehectatl, the Aztec god of wind and storm, planted a big group of trees for the benefit of the locals in the small town of Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca. Thanks to that, the mitical the ahuehuete “Graybeard of the swamp” known as the tree of Tule was born. This enormous monster, with it’s 46.1 ft of diameter, becomes the world’s thickest tree. It has 137.8 ft of circumference(you need […]

Anderson Silva Anderson Silva aged 39 today, MMA fighter today is for many people the best world’s world. The greatest and world’s best. Muhammad Ali of modern times. He had this little thing that makes that he is the best, the greatest, world’s strongest fighter. He was tall, strong, handsome, in short, it was the ultimate fighter worthy of the greatest. It was this precision that no one else could match, out of the common technique, he spanked things that people have never tried in […]

The world’s population has been on a continuous rise thanks to the alarming and tremendous birth rates especially in third world countries coupled with improved maternal care that has reduced the mortality rate of infants even in the poorest countries. According to United Nations statistics, the world’s population stood at over 7 billion people as of June 2015. Of these, china has an estimated over 1 billion people making it the world’s populous nation followed by India and the United States of America. China is […]

With winter just around the corner, many people start thinking about getting a warm and comfy outfit. But some are ready to go to the extremes and pay ridiculously huge amounts for a simple piece of cloth! Fur coats always pertained to the most luxurious and expensive goods, but the items on this list will surprise even the most composed person. Here is the top 5 of the most expensive fur coats in the world. Number 5 is a brand called Gorski. It positions itself […]

TOP 5 OF THE WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICE Some singers have a natural singing voice from birth but with a good mentor and learning about music here and there makes their voice this top five, we are going to list the best voice as rated by research that i have conducted.The list below depends on the ratings in social networks and the uniqueness of voices that melts peoples hearts. 1. JACKIE EVANCHO She is an American classical crossover singer and was born in April […]

World’s oldest town

Do you want to experience something special and magical? If you are interested in history and you love to travel, you should definitely visit these cities. 1. Faiyum Faiyum, a town in northern Egypt. The first, original name of this town was Crocodilopolis. It was the main place where they would worship the god of crocodile – Sobek. This 4000 years old town is the oldest city in Egypt. There are still visible ruins of temples and pyramids. The south temple dedicated to the god […]

When you have a costume party coming up, you want to get it right. Some of us are even willing to lay down a good amount of cash. So for those of you who have a well-padded wallet, this is for you: the world’s most expensive costume 10: The Human Slinky $1 millionThe Human Slinky by Veniamin Shows. If it was a childhood dream of yours to fall down the stars like your $3 slinky, now is your chance! Just be careful because the Human […]

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