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World’s dumbest man

ISN’T A TERRORIST THE DUMBEST MAN IN THE WORLD? Every passing day, the terrorist is emerging as the dumbest person on Earth! While travelling through the length and breadth of this world, I am subjected to inconveniencing body checks at air-ports, thanks to the terrorist’s dumbness. In his true element, the terrorist selectively interprets the Koran and distorts it to get a leverage to inflict pain and suffering on innocent people, including Muslems he purports to fight for. What makes a terrorist appear dumb is […]

This is a post about the five deepest rivers on the planet. This main 5 of the world’s deepest rivers was made by greatest profundity measured in meters. 5. The Mississippi River ~ 61 meters (200 ft) The Mississippi River is a physical reality, the best geologic power in North America. It is somewhere in the range of 2,300 miles (3.700 km) long and streams at a normal pace of three miles for each hour as it passes New Orleans. It channels waters from 31 […]

When someone says to you,” what is the worldТs most powerful bomb?”. Most people jump onto the world war 2 bandwagon and think about the fat man and little boy nuclear warheads that shook Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the roots. But it’s the 21st century and technology is so much more advanced as it was then! Sprouting from the cold war, the American and Russian scientists devoted their time creating the new worldТs most powerful bomb after the spectacle left in Japan. As time went […]

Earthquake is among the most destructive natural disasters. The world have witnessed numerous earthquakes over the centuries. The magnitude of an earthquake is measured in Richter scale. Here we look at the top 5 strongest earthquakes in world history. 1. Valdivia, Chile, 1960 On 22nd May 1960, the residents of Valdivia and surrounding places in Southern Chile witnessed the strongest ever earthquake in history. In the earthquake that recorded 9.5 on Richter scale, 1655 persons lost their lives. Nearly two millions people were displaced. The […]

Ever since the first iron horses steamed across the American plains, trains have been an important part of transportation in the world. There’s something magical about the railway system. It was one of the first methods of long-distance transportation that began back in the 1820’s. Though there is much debate about when and where the first railway was created; however, the expansive systems have long been a part of our history. Ever wonder which railways are the longest in the world? Here are the top […]

When I was a kid I had this notion that the great men and women were the most respected people in my was that time you would tremble in front of the village chief or feel privileged if you formed an alliance with his kids.I would blame my young age which was well tuck in a small village in Kenya with ignorance dominating.Now with my advanced age I view greatness in men in various angles.Billions of people do great things and to identify the […]

If you are looking for a new subwoofer for your home theater, you have a lot of options. Here is a list of the top 5 most powerful subwoofers, with a compact design and affordable price to enhance your home theater. These 5 units range from the $200 mark to the $1000 mark, and are all similar with one key difference distinguishing them from one another, their quality. When looking for the perfect subwoofer, define what your needs are. What are you willing to spend, […]

People across the world search for comfortable, luxurious resorts to enjoy a luxurious,relaxing holiday, as resorts provides an amazing opportunity top get rid of our tensions and freshens our minds.The world’s 5 most expensive resorts are: 1 .NECKER ISLAND: Situated at the Carribean, this is one of the most expensive resorts to visit and stay on in the world. After two flights and a speedboat ride, when you finally reach, you will be greeted by the ever smiling, Sir Richard Branson. The staff will show […]

Few things can match the feeling of comradeship induced when approaching your teams stadium on match day, wearing your teams colors and singing your heart out. Except maybe approaching a bigger stadium. Here are a list of the five biggest football ground from around the world. 5. Rose Bowl, Passedena. (92,524). Although primarily an American Football stadium, few will deny the Rose Bowl’s pedigree as a football stadium. When the World Cup came to the states in 1994 it was the Rose Bowl that was […]

2015 has been a big year for phones – the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S6 came out this year, as well as the Nexus 6P and the OnePlus X. With all of these new options, it can be difficult to decide which phone you really want to get. One essential criteria when making this decision is always processing power, which determines the speed at which your phone runs. Introducing: The Top Ten World’s Most Powerful Phones. These rankings are based on the chip set and […]

Attaining a popular celebrity status in the world comes with high prestige. WorldТs most popular man is always known for his different accomplishments. Apart from success levels, the worldТs most popular man stature comes with skills and/or talent. When people always remember your name, sing along to the words of your lyrics or know what your company does by heart means that you are beyond popular. How to get there? Here are the top 5 men to reckon with: 1. 1. Jim Caviezel JimТs role […]

Water makes up so much of our world. The human body alone is made of 70% water. As time passes it is becoming harder for us to find clean, pure water. The most common form of clean water is bottled water, but the prices will only increase with time. The cleanest water know is found in a tiny village in Canada. The village is near Toronto and it contains less lead that the cleanest ice layers in the Arctic. The wells there are named spring […]

Ready for some thrill and fighting ?Then try these online games. That’s right, you don’t need to go somewhere else for so much zeal and fun. All you have to do is just play these awesome games.Believe me, they are world’s best popular games and once you start playing these games, you’ll feel as if you are on the ninth cloud. These games are like a drug, so addictive that a person can’t keep himself away from them even if he wants to.I hope you […]

Our favorite TV shows are our favorites for a very good reason, but nothing is ever better than those episodes where two of your favorites fuse together to create a master crossover. So what is the world’s best crossover on TV? It’s difficult to say but this is a personal list of top 5 (in no particular order.) 1. “The Springfield Files” – The Simpsons. This episode sees Mulder and Scully from hit 90’s show The X-Files team up with Flomer Simpson to investigate a […]

Mushrooms are responsible for approximately six the seven thousand deaths annually in the United States alone. Some of these mushrooms will make you hallucinate, while others while give you stomach flu like symptoms. Some hurt you fast, others take their time. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the some of the world’s most poisonous mushrooms. 1. Death Cap (Amanita phalloides)The death cap looks like a very classic mushroom: it’s white and stand about six inches tall with a thick stalk and an […]

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