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If you have successfully ignored any accusations of being a modern-day ‘snob’ and the ridiculous assumption that any interest in the world’s most beautiful drawings is entirely an aristocratic affair, allow me to indulge your epicurean appetite…in 8 minutes. It is hard enough to properly appreciate all the great works of draftsmanship, let alone coming up with a top 5 list of the world’s most beautiful drawings. The artistic eyes see differently, and so do the consumers of art. Here are (arguably) 5 of the […]

  Humor is a subjective term. Everyone has their opinion on what is considered funny and what not. However, this list consists of the undeniable comedy geniuses who can make anyone laugh! 10. David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt Leblanc One of the most underrated comedy trio in televison history, these three best friends became insanely popular due to the success of the hit TV show “Friends” which first aired in 1994. The sarcastic tone of Chandler, the goofy, playboy character of Joey or Ross […]

The Biggest & largest engine is actually a JET engine .Yes, you heard it right, its a jet engine named General Electrical’s 90-115B. DESIGN: According to official sources, it is 18 feet long and 11.25 feet wide and weighs about 18,260 pounds (which is really a massive weight for an aircraft engine). Originally, it was built for the 777-Boeing, where this engine officially entered into working state. It was developed by GE aviation in association with aviation of France, Italy and Japan. Based on NASA’s […]

Some pictures are so powerful that they say more than words ever could. Some even manage to evoke feelings of horror from the viewers. The following is a list of the five scariest photos of all time. 5) James Bulger’s Kidnapping   James Bulger was a two-year-old from Liverpool, England who was abducted and murdered by two ten-year-old boys named Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. Thompson and Venables had been skipping school earlier that day and came across the toddler, who had wandered away from […]

Nearly everyone has a bucket list. Even those who do not have given some thought to all the places in the world they would like to visit. This top 5 list of the world’s most unusual places is worth checking out and is sure to have a destination or two worth adding to your own bucket list. 1. The first on this list of the world’s most unusual places are the visually delightful houses located in the medieval town of Lavenham in London. The buildings […]

To list the world’s most interesting places, I first had to figure out what interests me. While researching, I found myself drawn to uniquely odd places. I found way too many to include and narrowing the list was a chore in itself. Roopkund is a glacial lake located in the Uttarakhand state of India. It is also known as Mystery Lake because of what is found in the lake. During one month after the snow thaws, there are hundreds of skeletons visible in the crystal […]

If you’re one of those people who believe PCs are dead then you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, recent years have shown developers almost harbouring a new found respect for die hard PC pundits. With that in mind lets take a look at some of the world’s most powerful PC components that will hopefully get you in stones throw of a Large Pixel Collider. 1) CPU-Intel Core i7-5960x A great way to start off this list about the world’s most powerful PC components would […]

Ever since I was a little girl,I have always dreamt for a princess perfect wedding with all the magical moments including the world’s most beautiful cake.I suppose almost every girl dreams about the same in their own unique way with their own small inclusions expecting nothing but perfection on probably the most important day of their life.Many a baked beauties have flashed right before my eyes throughout my lifetime each time with a different pictorial representation each unique with its own specifications.Imagine a simple vanilla […]

Snakes. Just the thought of them hissing and slithering can make the most fearless of daredevils shiver. Well, not all of them are scary. For example, that pretty yellow python Britney brought to the VMAs – that one was totally adorable! But if watching Anaconda 1,2 and 3 has taught us anything, it is that not all snakes can be trusted. A little internet research will give you tons of data showing fatal encounters between humans and these creatures. There’s even an entire Wikipedia page […]

Football is one of the most popular sports globally and interestingly one of games associated with alot of glamour and hype. Forbes has rated football as one of the best paid professional sports with players taking home millions of money back home perhaps earning even more than people working in formal institutions. This brings us to the question; who is the most well paid footballer in our era? To some of us, the answer may seem obvious but to others, perhaps not. The ambiguity of […]

Shoes, who doesn’t love them? Below is the list of the Top 10 shoes that will make you speechless with both their design (not to mention their price!) 1. Kanye West’s YEEZY Line $350+++Although the price of these shoes aren’t that outrageous, the lines of people that are waiting for them are! In 2015, this is definitely the shoe that has sold out globally. Making people line up for hours just to get a raffle of getting one. Are they worth the money? Sure. Worth […]

Knives have been of great use for humanity for milleniums. From antique knives to modern hunting weapons, from prehistoric knives to the knife that you were last stabbed with in CS:GO(don’t lie to us – we know you play it) and even the small pocket knife that our father gave you for your 12th birthday and you that only used to sharpen your pencils. Knives are a treasure! But we are not sure whether you understand how much is the average knife lover ready to […]

World’s hottest city

No matter who or where we are, during summers we all have complained that the weather is too hot in his or her respective city Уis it really summer or am I being punished for some cardinal sin that I did and am not aware of??!!Ф this is something we all have thought or said at some point as many people claim that their city is the hottest city in the world or at least feels like it So here are the top 5 hottest […]

Everyone loves a good mystery, a bit of the strange and unexplained. Here are the Top 5 Unexplained Occurrences in the World: 1 )Bird Death Mystery What happened in Arkansas on New Year’s Eve, 2011? Residents say they woke to see more than 3,000 blackbirds scattered all over the ground, some bleeding, some still struggling. Not long after the phenomenon, other areas like Kentucky, Louisiana, and even as far away as Sweden, began to report the same thing. Was it a disturbance in the atmosphere? […]

It doesn’t matter if you are writing a school paper, or if you are trying to type a novel that you intend to publish one day. Sooner or later, you are gong to need to have a word or phrase translated into a language that you aren’t very familiar with. There a many different ways to do this, but the easiest way is to simply use an online translation tool. Unfortunately, there are many different websites you have to consider. In this guide, you will […]

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