World’s biggest pumpkin


About the size of a small car but not looking much like the pumpkins we commonly think of sits the world’s biggest pumpkin. Eager growers stand around, hoping theirs makes the cut, and that the pumpkin they’ve spent their time pruning over can hold the record of the world’s biggest pumpkin. When the word comes in, it’s official, the world’s biggest pumpkin weighs in at 2323.7 lbs and was grown by Beni Meier. Meier is a Swiss accountant. He broke a record her had set himself just years prior by over 200 lbs.

Growing the world’s biggest pumpkin is no easy feat. Years ago 1000 lbs was unimaginable. According to the experts there’s a trick or two to growing the world’s biggest pumpkin. Pumpkins are sensitive to temperature. In the US this makes for a short growing season. Serious growers will cover their pumpkins at night to keep them from getting chilled. The skin of these giant pumpkins are delicate and prone to drying and cracking. These pumpkins also pack a serious appetite for food, water, ad sunlight. The record for the world’s biggest pumpkin itself has more than guadrupled in the last 35 years. The main factor in achieving your goal of world’s biggest pumpkin? All the biggest and best growers agree, it’s genetics.

According to experts in the field of giant pumpkins just about every award winner these days can be traced back to Howard Dill’s Atlantic Giant. The original giant weighed in at a mere 493.5 pounds but at it’s time was unheard of. What allows these pumpkins to grow at such an amazing rate? Mostly selective breeding. Due to careful selection of only the biggest and best seeds the Atlantic giant, can pack on an unbelievable 50 lbs a day at the peak of it’s short growing season these days.

Is there an end in sight for the world’s biggest pumpkins or will they keep getting bigger and bigger? Experts say they will continue to grow. Top researchers in their field say pumpkins are amazingly efficient at moving sugars and growing their cells, two of the biggest factors in plant growth. There are dangers to growing giant pumpkins however. They’re big, they’re heavy, and they can crack under their own weight. Currently research is being done to see if perhaps we can’t grow the pumpkins up, we should instead grow them out. With the help of specialized fungi studies show that under the perfect conditions it may be possibly that one day the world record for the world’s biggest pumpkin may be as large as 3,000 lbs!

So why do people aim to grow the world’s biggest pumpkin? Many reasons. One of which is it bring the family together. People of all ages can help when it comes to growing pumpkins. For some it’s even tradition. Growing the world’s biggest pumpkin can be a part time to full time job even. However when the record books come out there’s a certain amount of pride to be had by being able to say you were the producer of the world’s biggest pumpkin.



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